Present in the Quebec landscape since 1983, our company improves performance and enhances esthetic of glass for over 35 years.

Thereby, in a desire to offer a plus value by a Professional and ethical service, « VitreFilm Consultant » is exclusively oriented toward the architectural segment, a vision totally focused on the end-user, in the sole purpose to offer him the very best.

The scope of our expertise in window films is extensive. Access to the best resources allows us to cover all sectors of our industry, which are :

Solar energy control

Solar heat Reduction – 99% UV Protection – Glare Reduction - Comfort - Energy Saving – CO2 emissions Reduction

Energy Efficiency
Solar control + winter insulation

Substantial Energy Saving all year long – CO2 emissions Reduction

Safety & Security

Shatter Resistance - anti-Graffiti - Blast Mitigation – Intrusion Resistance

Vision Control

Frosted - Design - printed

The importance of these services is summarized in four words:

Listen – Evaluate – Suggest - Satisfy